HACC supplies very scientific and accurate physical-based calculations of the zone extents and maintains a holistic approach to the whole project. We have our client’s best interests at heart in terms of reducing their Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) regarding purchasing, installation, maintenance, inspection etc of Ex equipment onsite.

Many of our competitors tend to use generic, less precise and over-conservative extents and zone classification recommendations for Hazardous Areas Classification (HAC) type projects, which can result in the end client making significant and substantial over-investment in Ex equipment in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX.


Client X contacted HACC after receiving several large quotations from other an Ex Equipment Installer who also conducted hazardous areas classification services. The Original Project Quotation from the cheapest alternative supplier(s) was as follows:

  • 4% of the total project costs was for Hazardous Area Classification and Risk Assessments.
  • 96% of the total project costs were for the purchase and installation of Ex Equipment.
HACC Client Examples

HACC conducted the hazardous area classification, using their accurate and scientific Physical Based Discharge and Dispersion Simulation Models, which removed the over-conservatism in the zone extents. Combining this with HACC’s pragmatic approach, strategic planning and moving non-Ex rated equipment away and outside of zones, the CAPEX costs associated with the Ex Equipment reduced from 96% to only 20%, of the Original Project Quotation. Obviously, with lower CAPEX costs, the lifetime costs associated with the Ex rated equipment such as calibration, inspection and maintenance as well as replacement/repair costs means the OPEX costs would also be significantly reduced by HACC’s involvement!

Therefore, HACC saved Client X a significant 75% of the total Original Project Quotation costs by conducting a more scientific, practical and common sense approach to their project.

To discuss how HACC’s approach can save your organisation both CAPEX and OPEX in terms of Ex-rated equipment on new and legacy plant and process, please feel free to contact HACC for an informal, yet confidential conversation.

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