Part of DSEAR Regulation 5 states “Where a dangerous substance is or is liable to be present at the workplace, the employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to his employees which arise from that substance.” Part of DSEAR Regulation 6 states “Every employer shall ensure that risk is either eliminated or reduced so far as is reasonably practicable.” ATEX 137 (99/92/EC) Directive, Article 4 described the “Assessment of Explosion Risks”.

HACC can provide the necessary experiences and knowledgeable facilitator / chairperson to carry out the formal DSEAR or ATEX Risk Assessment at your facility or site. The DSEAR or ATEX risk assessment process is only conducted when the main hazardous area zones have been defined and after team members understand what potential electrical and non-electrical ignition sources exist within these zones. A list of the typical ignition sources, outlined from BS EN 1127-1 can be seen in Table on the right.

HACC conducts all DSEAR and ATEX Risk Assessments using a team-based approach, similar to other brainstorming study techniques, where the client’s knowledge and experience is provided as a collective through the group brain storming risk assessment study.

HACC’s DSEAR and ATEX Risk Assessment approach also provides the necessary platform for the client’s personnel to engage and involve themselves in the process, by not only identifying potential risks, but also eliminating, reducing and managing the risks through actioned recommendations.

DSEAR RISK Assessment
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